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Simple and Stylish: DIY Embroidery Hoop Wreath

I have details on how to make that garland here.

Hello and happy spring!  I’m excited to show you my spring wreath that literally cost me $1 to make!  Here it is:

I love the embroidery hoop wreath look and wanted to make one!

I found this hoop at goodwill for .99 and was so excited to make a wreath out of it! Added bonus, there are two pieces to every embroidery hoop so I can make another one!  If you can’t find a large embroidery hoop set you can get one here.


Here they are stained with the walnut stain I like.
Confession: I had this cool picture in my head that I could use a wood stain on these. It did not turn out to what I wanted,  but I figured I should just leave it and see how the rest of the wreath turned out.


Here’s the stain that I used. I had it leftover from when I redid our dining room table.


I then got a bunch of leftover leaves and flowers that I had from other projects and started messing around with the placement. The peonies that I used you can find here.


I just placed and hot glued different pieces until I got the look that I liked.


I moved the flowers and leaves a bunch! The nice thing about hot glue is that it’s really forgiving so I was able to take pieces off, move them and reglue them!

That’s honestly it!  The hardest part of the entire project was hanging it!  I’m going to show you what I had to figure out in order to save you frustration!  I wanted to hang it on the mirror above our fireplace like I do with every wreath, but the command hook that I usually use would NOT hold the hoop properly!  The sizing was all weird and since the wreath was side heavy, I could not get it to stay straight on the mirror without it going lop sided!  Does that make sense?  I finally came up with two solutions that made the wreath stay:

First, I glued the ribbon that I was going to use to hang it. Once I glued it into place on the hoop, I at least could figure out where the center of the wreath was.

This helped but the wreath still was slanting to the heavier side! I then thought of the game changing step:

I got the actual strip from my command hooks. Don’t judge my paint/gross nails, it was a project day!


I then attached the strip to the back of the wreath and stuck the other sticky part to the actual mirror and viola! It stayed!


Here’s the wreath on the front door that I painted.

Can you believe this was only $1 for me to make the entire thing?!  I was thinking that if you don’t have any of the supplies and you went out and bought them yourself, it would maybe cost you $5-$10?  Not too bad right?!

Want to see more wreaths that I’ve made?  You can find them here.

Anyway, I hope that the hanging part made sense!  If it doesn’t, feel free to message me with questions and I’d love to help!  Thank you for visiting and send me pics of the wreaths that you make! I love being inspired by other’s projects!  Love you all!

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