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Dining Table Redo

While at Goodwill with my mom, we found this beauty:


It was only $5!!!  We were so excited!  My mom was so sweet and bought it for me.


I loved the table but wasn’t crazy about the wood color. So I decided to stain it. First, I gave it a good and thorough sanding!


If I could do it over again, I would have used a wood stripper. Sanding took FOREVER! The wood stripper that I usually use you can find here.


I used this stain. The Walnut was beautiful! This was after the first coat.


I wanted it a little darker so I let it sit overnight and stained it a second time.

Once again, I let the stain sit overnight and was happy with the color.  I then used my paint sprayer and did two polycrylic top coats to protect it from the wear and tear.


And here it is! I am so happy with the color and how it turned out!


It really brings the room together!

I did the chairs as well.  It’s like I have a whole new dining area!  I spent $13 on the chairs and $5 on the table, so with supplies, I spent around $40 total!  What do you all think?!  If you have any questions I’d love to hear them!  Thanks for visiting and I love you all!

6 thoughts on “Dining Table Redo

  1. Seretta!!! So so cute! You and your mom are so talented! I loved reading all about your new dinette set! Love! Love! Love it girl! ??????

    1. Hi Jackie! I actually used a color called Timberlake Teal by Glidden. There’s a link to it on the chair post here I did sand, prime and paint them with a sprayer. I’m sure that you could paint them by hand, it just might take you a while.

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