About Me


Hey everyone! 

I’m Serretta: a 33 year old, married, mom of two(ages 12 and 9), a very average mom and below average cook.? I’m girly, awkward with how I ask and phrase things, sarcastic, enthusiastic about everyone and everything, and I can come off kind of strong to people with how excited and forward I am with friendship.(I’m not kidding, notice how I end each post saying that “I love you all”? It’s because I really do!)  ? 

I got into styling and diy 11 years ago, because I wanted to add updates to our house and my outfits for cheap.  My taste adjusts constantly, so I(and my very patient husband) don’t mind making the changes if it’s inexpensive. It also makes it fun to move and modify things!  I am self taught and have made a TON of mistakes while learning and creating so hopefully you can avoid those by learning from me on here. I genuinely enjoy it. I love seeing what others are working on and creating because I find it so fun and inspiring, so hopefully that’s what I can do here for you!  If I can inspire you to create, dress, style, paint, sand, glue, nail, staple, sew or make anything than I will be one happy girl!? 

(Full disclosure: I hate sewing, but if I inspire you to sew that’s awesome! Also, could you please sew some things for me so that I don’t have to??)

So why call this site “Serretta Style”? (it’s pronounced sir-et-tuh) I LOVE style in everything! Style in the home, clothes, hair, make up, crafts, furniture, art…really anything! Style is fun because it changes, evolves and is so versatile. I wanted to share my love of style with you and hopefully enjoy what we can style and create! Thanks for stopping by!

Love you all!?