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Embroidery Hoop Wreath take 2!

Fun fact about Embroidery Hoops:  They come in sets of two!  So the set that I got for 99 cents at Goodwill that I used for this Hoop Wreath left me with another hoop to make another wreath!  Here’s the new one:

Isn’t it fun?! I love it on the front door and then I’ll bring it in to add some freshness to a room inside once I hang up my fall wreath.

There isn’t really a rhyme or reason as to how I do my wreaths, I just mess with it until I like it(which can be extremely frustrating sometimes! ?).  I took pictures to show you my process when I made this wreath:

Start with a large embroidery hoop and greenery/eucalyptus and succulents. I just wanted to use ones that I already have. Succulents are great to buy in bulk or bouquets. I just take them off and use them for different projects.


I knew for sure that I wanted to use the eucalyptus, and then I just started adding greenery.
Then I added more and I hated it! So I scrapped it and ended up with the next picture…
I loved it! The only problem was that the main middle succulent kept falling off. The rubber and glue weren’t a good combination so I had to use something else.


I decided to go with this bigger one because it had a stem that I could glue directly to the hoop. It was such a big flower that I trimmed off quite a few petals.
Don’t forget to have lots of hot glue sticks and a hot glue gun! I use them all the time! Here I am putting hot glue on the hoop so that the large succulent will stay.
It stayed perfectly once I glued it to the hoop directly. Yay!


I then took the petals that I had trimmed off of the large flower and glued it throughout the greenery to add some texture, color and consistency.


Here it is all done on my messy countertops. ?
Took some creativity and failure but I got it done!

That’s it!  Wreath completed!  What do you think about it?  Would you consider making one?  Are you obsessed with succulents like so many others?  I’d love to hear about what you’re working on and your thoughts.  Love you all!

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