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Fall Pom Pom Garland

Last week I showed you how to make leaf garland for your fall decor.  Now I want to show you how I made my pom pom garland that I also hung with the leaf garland on my mantel.  As always, it is ridiculously easy and simple.

I found these at a local pharmacy in the clearance section! They were less than $1! I bought every color. Out of those colors, I picked these two to use for my fall garland. I didn’t find this specific brand online, but found similar ones here and here.


I opened the bags and sorted them by size and color. I did like the pink and brown ones but they didn’t match like I wanted them to, so I didn’t use them for the garland.


Then use a needle and any color thread you like and thread through each pom pom.


I threaded them with smallest poms on each end, then bigger and even bigger sizes in the middle.


Once you hang it up, spread out the poms evenly on the thread. That’s it! You’re done!


Isn’t it too cute?! It’s one of my favorite garlands that I have made!


Perfect for my mantel!

I am a majorly garland obsessed person!  It looks SO cute for any decor, and is so cheap to make!  Make one and let me know how it turns out!  Hope you’re enjoying this autumn season!  Love you all!

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