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Blue Thanksgiving Tablescape

Hello everyone!

Are you looking for some Thanksgiving, Fall or Harvest tablescape ideas?!  Well I have a turquoise one for you today!  First, I made a traditional fall tablescape:

Lots of rustic and traditional touches.

I simply changed out a few items and created this blue fall tablescape:

Here are some details:

I kept the same tablecloth, plates, silverware, napkin rings and chargers.  I grabbed some of the acorns and pinecones that I used on the traditional table, and painted them:

I just used three shades of turquoise from this project. I also took off the tops of the acorns and glued them back on so that I could still have some of the natural colors.


Since I only had spray paint, and I wanted to paint the pinecones, I sprayed one spot of my drop cloth, and dipped my paint brush in the paint.


That way only parts of the pinecones were painted while you could still see the natural colors too.


Once the acorns were dry, I glued the tops back on.  Do you like my paint covered hands?  ?


All done!?

This is them all painted on the table:



Don’t they look cool?

Side note:  If you think that it’s weird that I painted acorns, I saw these at a store the other day:

They had redish-gold ones…


…and these gold ones.  So I’m not the only one who’s painting acorns!?

Anyway…here’s more details:

These placemats add such great color and texture. They were an amazing clearance find!


I know these are the red ones, but I found turquoise and red placemats on clearance at Walmart for 75 cents each! Isn’t that awesome?! So obviously I had to buy both colors.


Just wanted to show proof!

Here’s a few more pictures that show more details.


The centerpiece was simply an acorn(that was a yard sale find)from my fall mantle, and some turquoise books from Goodwill. They add some more pretty shades of blue and height.


The velvet pumpkins are just from the dollar spot at Target.

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. ?

So what do you think?  Is the blue interesting to add to your fall or thanksgiving decor or table setting?I love trying out all different colors!  If you were to pick a color to use, which one would you choose?!  I want to try all of them! ?  I have already tried pink and can’t wait to do more! Love you all!

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