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4th of July Mantel & DIY Garland

What do you think of my 4th of July mantel?!  It’s fun right?!  I know it’s a bit over the top but I’m pretty sure that’s what America and Americans are like right?  ?  We’re a bit over the top and we like it that way.  For all of my international readers, I’m hoping that you could use some of these ideas for your country’s Independence Day or maybe you could decorate for the country that you’re routing for in the World Cup!  That has been on non stop in our house and has been fun to watch!  Anyway, Let me go over the mantle a bit and then I’ll show you how I made the felt ball garland.  It was so cheap and easy!  So let’s start with the mantel breakdown:

The links that I added are similar ones that I found on Amazon for you since the Target items are seasonal.  Hopefully that’s helpful:

The top flag garland, wood flag pieces, blue jars, USA pieces (these letters would be cheap to buy and paint yourself) and the US wood cut out are all from the dollar spot at Target that I’ve accumulated throughout the years.   I had no idea that I had that much patriotic stuff all from Target!  I have a problem.  The little fabric pendants are from quilting fabric squares that I cut and made into garland.  The bunting pieces are here and I’m obsessed with them!  I love when people hang them below their windows and on their balconies!  It’s so patriotic but classy!  Lastly, fresh flowers in red, white and blue because fresh flowers are never a mistake and they make me happy!

Alright, that was way too detailed, so let’s get to how I made the pom pom felt ball garland!

Here are the supplies I used.  I know that you see red felt sheets but I didn’t end up using them. I still had lots of thread left over from this project, so I just used it for my garland.

I got these packs of pom poms at Walmart but here are similar white and red ones on amazon.  Walmart didn’t have blue pom pom balls for some reason.  I was annoyed but felt too lazy to go to another store, so I just bought a few sheets of navy blue felt.(this link is for a pack, but it’s the cheapest I could find) It’s always so inexpensive in stores so if it didn’t work out, I would be fine with it!

I didn’t want any of my garland to look like a candy cane so I used blue thread for the white. All I did was stick a needle and thread through the pom poms until I got them all on the thread.


Seriously, that’s all I did! I didn’t measure it until I hung it on my mantle, so I left it all on the long thread.


Here’s the red one all needled and threaded.

Now onto the navy blue garland…

I used two felt sheets so that when I cut it, I was cutting through the two sheets and was getting twice as many circles.


We had some athletic tape lying around so I simply traced the inside to make some beautiful circles and I cut them out. I had 25 felt balls on each of my other garland pieces, so I had to cut out 50 of these(you need a circle for each side). I’ll show you in the next pictures if that doesn’t make sense.


Here are my circles all cut out and you just need a hot glue gun and glue sticks. I lined all of my garland up next to each other so that they would all look somewhat even.


I just lined up one circle under the ribbon and then saved an extra circle to glue on top.



Like I said, put the circle under the string and put some glue on the string on the felt circle.


Then put your other felt circle on top of it. See why you’ll need twice as many circles?


Give it a small press to make sure that it stays in place and that’s it!!!

Isn’t that so simple?!  I was worried that the felt circles wouldn’t look good with the pom poms but I think they turned out pretty great:


The garland just adds a fun extra layer of shape and texture.

This was such a fun finishing touch to my 4th of July mantel:

This was so easy, I probably will need to make more colors for every occasion!  What do you think?!  Will you be making one?  I’d love to see your mantels and garland that you end up using!  Thank you for reading and checking this out, hope you’re inspired!  Happy 4th!  Love you all!

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