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My favorite (and I mean absolute favorite) item to buy at Goodwill is shoes!  It all started 5 years ago when I complimented a friend’s shoes, and she said that she got them at Goodwill!  I couldn’t believe it and had to look for myself. That’s when my true love of Goodwill shoes was born.  They have a ton to choose from, and they’re so cheap that I can easily buy a ton to feed my shoe addiction!  😂  Last time I was at my local Goodwill, these are the shoes that I found:


$7.99 for like-new ankle boots!


Brand new Target shoes!


These would look so cute with a summer dress or skirt!


Look at all of these new Target sandals!


These new sandals were $4.99!

That’s just a few of the shoes I found, here’s all of them…

I love that it’s arranged by color, it makes it easy to create any outfit.


I wish that my closet looked like this!😍


Seriously, I think that I need all of these colorful shoes!🌈


Which color is your favorite?


You can never go wrong with a black pair of shoes.

If you think I’m being dramatic or ridiculous saying that I buy all of my shoes at Goodwill, here’s my proof:

These black heels with touches of glitter are amazing and were $5 at Goodwill!  I wore them for this post.


These are the $7.99 booties that I used for this post. I wear these all the time!


Who could forget these $5 burgundy heels that I bought in this post.





These nude heels took me forever to find, but I found these brand new nude wedges at Goodwill for $9.99 for this outfit.


I posted this picture to instagram once about wearing higher shoes in pictures like heels or wedges and compared it to flats.  And you guessed it,  the flats on the left, and wedges on the right are both from Goodwill!

Are all of these pictures proof enough that I am obsessed with shoes from Goodwill?! I usually spend anywhere from $5-$15 depending on the shoes, and it is always worth it!  Take a picture of your awesome shoes finds at Goodwill and send them to me!  It’s always fun to see what awesome deals and cute shoes people find!

For matters about shopping, donating and Goodwill’s sustainability program:

For matters about the mission and including free classes:

Love you all!

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