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Keeping it Business Casual for Fall Fashion

As someone who loves clothes shopping at Goodwill, it’s fun to tell people where I get my clothes if they compliment a part of my outfit.  They usually can’t believe it, and I try to convince them to check it out!  One of those skeptics was my husband, Mitch! After seeing a lot of the cute stuff that I’d purchased there, he decided to go shopping with me. He needed clothes for work, and I just wanted an excuse to get more outfits for fall! 😉We both had great luck finding clothes.  Here’s what his experience was like:

Since he needs business casual clothes for work, he was surprised at all the options he had to choose from.


I mean seriously, look at all those dress jackets! (Bonus fact: if you ever need clothing for a job interview, Goodwill can help you with that!)


I think he needed all of the colors! 😍


I had to add a picture of two of the sweetest ladies that helped us. Sheila and Maria were awesome!

After finding lots of fun items, he narrowed it down and got this outfit to wear to work:

He got the plaid dress shirt, sweater, and tie! It’s perfect business casual for work. Less than $20!  Isn’t he cute?!  He’s a good sport for letting me take pictures of him!

Then it was my turn to find some clothes for the fall season.  Here’s what I was able to find and put together:

These are the long sleeve shirts and I think that I need all of them!


Okay so I didn’t buy all of the sweaters but I wanted to!  I bought three of them! 😂


Of course I needed pants to go with my sweaters, and I found two cute pairs!  Also, why is the size and color coordination so satisfying to me?!

And obviously I needed ankle boots to finish my fall look!

If only there were shoes to choose from! haha just kidding! Honestly, shoes are my most favorite thing to get at Goodwill! The price and selection are AMAZING!

Here are some of the items that I found to make outfits.

These pants were $7.99 and fit just right.

I forgot to take a pictures of the sweaters with the tags on them.  Sorry! 🙈  But I was able to put together this outfit with those green pants and my new sweater:

This is an H&M sweater that was $5!  The army green pants are such a fun neutral to wear all year round.

On to the next outfit!  Here’s what I chose:

Not only were these pants a good deal but they are Ann Taylor Loft pants. Yay! 🎉


See! Here’s a picture of the tag for proof!


This Banana Republic shirt was 50% off!


Once again, here’s my tag to prove it!


These brand new black booties were such a great find and are a must need for fall! You cannot survive the Pacific Northwest without boots!


No they were not 50% off, but they were $7.99! That’s insane for new and cute boots! Worth it!

Put all of that together and I also was able to get this outfit:

Cute cardigan, Banana Republic shirt, Ann Taylor pants and like new ankle boots! That’s a fashion win and a great outfit for fall!



I ended up with three different outfits, ankle boots and the work outfit for Mitch.  We spent less than $60 for all of it!  He was able to get his business casual clothes for work and I was able to get some fun fall outfits.  We’re recycling clothes, giving to an INCREDIBLE cause and saving money.  Everybody wins!  Have you looked there for outfits for work or fun? I’d love to see what you find! Love you all!

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