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Giving Your Wreath Something Extra: DIY Felt Flowers

I am about to show you the easiest and cheapest way to add a little something extra to a wreath or craft.  I use it so much that I probably use it too much! ? All you need is felt, scissors(much easier if you use fabric scissors, but regular ones work as well), hot glue sticks, and a hot glue gun.  That’s it!  Now you are ready to make felt flowers/rosettes.

Start with some felt. It’s so cheap and you can make a ton of different crafts with felt.


Grab anything round that you’d like to trace. I used a bowl, but anything like a tupperware, dvds, basically anything round shaped, work great!


Then trace around the item to make a circle. No need for it to be perfect.


Here it is all traced.


Now I’m sure that you could trace and measure this, but I just eyeball it to make a swirl, starting at the edge of the circle, and move toward the middle.


Be sure to trace yourself a little circle in the middle, so that you have a piece to start your flower.


Then with your scissors, cut out the circle.


Next, cut out the swirl trace of the entire circle. As you can clearly see, mine are not perfect. It is okay if it’s not.


Then straighten out the circle to give yourself space to start rolling it.


Don’t judge my always covered in paint nails! You start twisting the fabric to make a flower.


This is what the start of what it should look like.


Keep on twirling it around.


And around…


…until you have this. It’s starting to look like a flower! ?


Hot glue the edge with just a dot, and the flower will stay together!


Here it is almost done. I just want to trim some of the uneven pieces.


Super easy, just trim those pieces off.


Boom! You have a rosette! You’ll get better and faster at making them. I think this took me only a couple minutes to make.

I have been making these for so long, that I used them years ago.  Here’s some old pictures:

Christmas Wreath from 2012.


4th of July Wreath 2013


This is my 2013 Halloween wreath. It is still to this day, my most favorite wreath that I have ever made!

More recently, here are some fall wreaths that I’ve made using felt flowers:

I made all different shapes, colors, and sizes of rosettes for this one.


For this wreath, I just bought a grape vine wreath, and glued a bunch of fall colored rosettes to it.  I love! ?

Isn’t that cool that one little felt flower can do so much for a wreath?!  I love how simple and cheap that they are to make and there are a huge variety of felt colors, so the possibilities are endless!  If you want to see even more wreaths that I’ve made, check them out here. Any questions or things that you need clarified?  I’d love to help, and I love the pictures of wreaths that you all send me!  Send me more! They are so beautiful and inspiring.  Love you all!

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