Better with Belts

Fashion tip:  I’m going to give you a tip for your outfits that I’d wished someone had told me sooner!  A stretchy or mini belt completes and finishes any outfit!  If you wear a colorful one(I have a lot of colorful ones), it adds a fun pop of color, cleans up the look of a shirt that you’ve tucked in and flatters any waist no matter the size!  I love wearing them with pencil skirts, long cardigans, tunics, maxi skirts and sweaters.  Plus, accesory belts are almost always on clearance at clothing stores!

Here’s an example of when an accessory belt is better for an outfit:

Not too bad of a look right? But look at my shirt! It gathers no matter how many times I fix it throughout the day. 👎


This is my grumpy face because my shirt won’t stay tucked in! 😂

Then I added a stretchy belt to my ensemble…

Ahhhhh. Much better look!  It even makes me look slimmer, amazing how a simple thing like a belt can do that!


Now my shirt still gathers a little, but it breaks up the outfit and gives it a much cleaner look! (side note, who wants to come weed my yard?  haha!  I was too lazy to edit them all out! 😊)

One more of the before and after:


What do you think about the outfit over all?  Do you like the belt?  It this tip something that you would try?  I love a belt with a maxi skirt and a tucked in shirt!  It looks like a beautiful dress!  If you don’t want to shop around for a belt I found some cute ones here and here.  Hope that this tip helps you with your fashion endeavors!  Love you all!

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