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Pillow Turned Macrame(Being Resourceful with your Decor)

Small soapbox moment:  I am constantly asked about how you can afford decor, or how to make a room nicer if you don’t have any money to spend.  Here’s what I have learned: BE RESOURCEFUL!  Think of ways that you could use a piece in a different way.  I’m going to give you an example of a way that I was resourceful, cheap and found a new way to use an item for decor.

I’m going to start this example by calling it “A Tale of Two Pillows.” ?  I needed a smaller 18 x 18 inch pillow for my master bedroom.  Luckily…


I found this cute pillow cover on Amazon. I love the color, shape, price and seam on it!


I had also found this Target pillow that I found at Goodwill! It was a great find and so cheap! I couldn’t find a place to put it! It was annoying me because I loved the macrame on it!  Here and here are similar ones.

So I had two cute pillows, but no stuffing for the new one from Amazon,  and a cute Goodwill pillow, but no place to put it!  I decided to be resourceful and find a way to use both pillows!  Here’s how I did it:

I decided that I’d rather hang the cute green macrame in my master bedroom instead of using it as a pillow. So I slowly took the thread out, it to take out the seam that was attaching it to the pillow.  I know that there’s a sewing piece for it, but I only had scissors. ?‍♀️


Here’s how it was starting to look as I detach the macrame from the pillow.


I went super slowly, and was able to detach the macrame from the pillow.


I didn’t need this part of the pillow, and it wasn’t very pretty, since I’d just cut a bunch off of it.


So I cut it down the middle and used the stuffing for my smaller pillow!


This made it so that I didn’t have to buy pillow stuffing! Yay!


I was able to use almost all of the stuffing for the pillow cover, and I have this pretty green macrame!


The small pillow from Amazon looks great in my master bedroom!  Do you also spot the macrame?!



Here’s a close up of it on my wall! I simply hot glued it to a dowel and hung it up! If you don’t want to buy a dowel, just use a stick from your yard!   A branch or stick will give it a really cool rustic look!  Like I’ve said, be resourceful!

That’s my whole story for “A Tale of Two Pillows.” ?  What do you think?  Not too shabby right?  Now tell me and show me ways that you’ve been resourceful!  I love hearing from you guys!  If you’re struggling to be resourceful, or need ideas, feel free to contact me on social media!


If you’re looking for another fun macrame project, check out this Multicolor Macrame project that I did!


Or if you want something cheaper with the same look as macrame, this is a super easy and inexpensive project!


Love you all so much!


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