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DIY $10 Wall Hanging

I am stoked to share this project with you for many reasons:

1-It’s sooo easy!

2-It’s soooo inexpensive!

3-It looks soooo awesome on any wall for your home!

Here’s the one that I made for our master bedroom:

I love it so much!  It’s one of my favorite decor projects that I have ever done.  Anyone, and I mean anyone can make this!  It’s that easy!  Here’s how you do it:


I found this yarn at Walmart(my link is for one I found on Amazon) and it was $6 or $7.  I liked it because it was ombre so I would only need to buy one thing of yarn instead of multiple balls of yarn(that can get pretty pricey).


Besides the yarn, you will also need a dowel to hang the yarn on.  the one that I bought was way too long so I ended up just cutting it in half.  These are really inexpensive and you can find them at any craft store and sometimes the dollar store.

Now that you have the supplies, you can get started:

First, I separated the yarn into sections by color.  I didn’t end up using all of the colors so I ended up having extra colors which I’ll use for another project sometime.


Then you lay each color out individually and open the middle so that you can loop the yarn through.


You’re setting it up to loop it through into a knot.


Just grab the opposite end and put it in the loop.  Pull it tight and you have a knot.  Does that make sense?  It’s easier to do than to explain!  😂


Here are the knots all done!  I forgot to take a picture of this, but just cut the ends of the bottom of the yarn.


I hung it up to see if I liked it.  I ended up moving the colors around quite a few times to get the ombre effect that I was looking for.

I wasn’t done after that, I wanted the V-angled look so I eye balled cutting it:

I’m sure that there’s a fancy way to measure the angles and such, but I am lazy so I just tried my best to cut it angled.  I recommend that you use fabric scissors!  I tried using regular scissors and it was awful! I swapped to fabric scissors and it was way easier.


The angles aren’t perfect but I liked how it turned out!


Here it is all done!  I think that this took me maybe a half hour?  It turned out better than I’d hoped so I’m excited about it!  I feel like every room in my house needs one now!

Are you going to make one?!  I cannot emphasize enough how inexpensive, easy and pretty this project is!  It cost me $8-$9ish?  You could definitely do it.  Please share your input and thoughts with me.  I love hearing from you.  Love you all!

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