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DIY Goodwill Mirror Update

Hello!  So I’m excited to share another DIY with you all!  I was able to show you some of the clothes that I found at the amazing Vancouver Goodwill, but I wasn’t able to show you this beautiful mirror that I found there!


Here it is!  From the look of the hooks, it looks like it’s only the mirror part of a swivel mirror.  But I loved the shape!


Only $7.99! I loved the price!



I didn’t like the hook pieces(it was from a swivel mirror) in it because I wanted it to be on my mantel. They were really easy to twist and unscrew.


See! So easy!


Easy to fill in using this caulking.


See! All done. I used sandpaper and just sanded it down a little.


I then removed the mirror from the frame, and then spray painted it white.

That’s it!  I then put the mirror back in the frame, and that was it!

Didn’t it turn out great?! I love it on my summer mantel!

If you don’t want to redo a mirror, I found some similar mirrors here and here. They are pretty expensive, but for some reason swivel mirrors are cheaper for some reason?  So weird!  I found cheaper ones here and here. Let me know what you like and send me pictures of your projects!  I can’t wait to see them!  Love you all!


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