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Modern Farmhouse Blue and Pink Tablescape

I’m on this crazy kick of pink and blue and I wanted to try a different version of it.  Enter this fun farmhouse pink and blue tabescape!  Here’s how it looks:

The pretty blue mason jars are from Goodwill!


Such great finds!


Used the same pretty cups from this tablescape.


Love the blue and pink from the glass! ?


Farmhouse is fun because it is simple. Style and layer the farmhouse look with just linens and greenery.


Used these same pretty plates from Goodwill that I used in this tablescape.


The eucalyptus was a perfect farmhouse touch!


The placemats are a fun texture to add to all the white and beige.



What do you think about the farmhouse style?  It’s casual but soft.  Are you liking the pink and blue opalescent look or this farmhouse look?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Love you all!

1 thought on “Modern Farmhouse Blue and Pink Tablescape

  1. I love pinks and blues also! It’s fun to see how you combine items you find at Goodwill to give us ideas on how WE can do it, too. Also appreciate seeing the prices so I know it’s not going to cost an arm and leg to do it myself.

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