Fresh Spring Fashion

Looking for some fresh new looks for spring?  I love bright colors and fun accessories for my spring and summer fashion.  Here’s some great outfit ideas that are all with items from Goodwill:

I found these cute flip flops at the bins, that I also wore with this dress.


I’ve been loving polka dots lately, and I found this cute red one!


Put it together with black pants, and you have a basic and bright outfit!

Maybe you’re looking for some POP in your outfit!  These ones will definitely leave an impression:

This bright orange top really spoke to me! ?


New sandals from Target for $4.99!





This stunning turquoise necklace from the Newport Boutique.


Put them together with white pants, and you have a fun and happy look!


Isn’t the pop of turquoise beautiful? I love the necklace!

I liked the white pants look, so I decided to use them for another outfit.  Here’s what I was able to find:

Once again, brand new Target shoes!


50% off! They were $2.50! I was nervous to wear them because they are a little different, but the price was amazing!


More new Target items! 50% off too!


Nice navy floral top, that fit beautifully.


All together, it was a pretty combination! I surprisingly liked the slipper shoes with it!

If you’re not a fan of the slippers look, I found a few things to dress it up!

These incredible navy striped heals! Also 50% off!


This pretty fringe blue bag. $4.99!


Totally dresses up the look!


I’m loving the drama of the fringe!


What other bright colors should I use for spring and summer fashion?  I love that it’s so easy to find cute items at Goodwill!  You should check it out!  You wouldn’t believe how many stories that I hear from people who stopped in, and ended up finding great stuff!  Such a great way to reuse items, and gives clothes a new life! Visit for all of the details, locations and more information.  It is an organization that does incredible things!  Love you all!