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Goodwill Boutique Take 2

As I’ve mentioned before, Goodwill has these amazing boutiques!  I wanted to show you more of the amazing brands and cute outfits that you can put together for fall.

First, let’s talk accessories!  I LOVE purses, jewelry and shoes!  They are so fun to add to an outfit and give great personal touches to any look.  The boutiques are best place to find upscale style for low prices!

I have a deep love for jewelry so the cute necklaces, bracelets and earrings were so fun to look at and pick different items.


These coach(and TONS of other nice brands!) purses are fantastic! I ended up buying two pink Steve Madden purses. 🙈 Note to self, you DO NOT need any more pink purses. I now have 4!  I am definitely going to look for a black one next time I go!


The spider is apart of the Halloween decor! Not a usual decoration! haha! They also have cute little purses and wallets.


This brand new purse still had the tags! I’m actually shocked that I didn’t buy it because it’s pink!

Here are some of the beautiful and awesome brands that I found:

I love these polka dots!




Look at this sequin Juicy jacket! Perfect for a night out or a party!


Brand new Kate Spade! 😍


There was tons of Pendleton items as well. Total high quality!


Who could resist bright colored Banana Republic and Ann Taylor?!


I loved this Neiman Marcus Jacket!

I loved this outfit on the mannequin, especially the jacket!


Guess what? I looked at the jacket up close. It was $25, but it still had the $162 new price tag! AMAZING!

After looking at all of those amazing clothes, these were the fall outfits that I was able to put together:

I bought a mini dress, burgundy leggings, pink purse, pink necklace and bracelet. Can you tell I like pink?😉


I’d bought these boots before and was happy to use them again with this outfit!

Here’s my other outfit:

I bought an Ann Taylor sweater dress, used the same burgundy leggings, grey booties, and different pink jewelry. Obviously, I bought another pink purse that I assumed that I needed!


This beautiful cardigan was fun to match up with the sweater dress and is a perfect look for fall.

Aren’t those fun fall looks?!  I am always amazed at what I am able to find at the Goodwill boutiques!  I love that my shopping does an amazing amount of good and is economical.  To find a boutique near you, be sure to check out You can also visit that site to for matters about shopping, donating and Goodwill’s sustainability program.  It really is incredible to see all of the great things that they are doing!  Love you all!

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