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Valentines Day Heart Wreath

No Joke, I made this heart 7 years ago!  Here it is the first year:

It first appeared on my mom’s site on this post.



How did I make it?  It was a lot like the NYE numbers.

1-I cut a cereal box into the shape of heart(this was the hardest part for me!?)

2-Using crepe paper from the dollar store(left from my daughter’s 3rd birthday lol) and I used House of Smith’s tutorial  (I posted this per her permission) for the rosettes.

3-Then I hot glued the rosettes onto the cardboard.

4-Then I hot glued ribbon onto the back of the cardboard and hung it up.

It takes time, but you could do this whole thing for $3 or less! The pink crepe paper comes in packs of two, so you’ll probably only need one pack!

Here it is 7 years later and I still love it:

I’ve had to replace rosettes and ribbon throughout the years, but overall, it’s been pretty great!  The pink has faded a little, but I still love the look!  I cannot believe how long it’s lasted!


What you you think?  Has it stood the test of time?  Or do I need to move on and make another one?

Love you all!  Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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