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$0 DIY New Years Numbers

Are you ready to make New Years decor using things that you already have leftover from Christmas?! All you need is cardboard, tinsel(any color you want!) and hot glue! That’s it! if you don’t have any tinsel, it is crazy cheap after the holidays so go get some!
Since you probably have a ton of boxes leftover from the holidays, this should be easy. Just gather some cardboard that you can use/cut.


I’m pretty lazy, so I just wrote out the numbers of the new year and tried to make them all look about the same size. A great idea is to print out the numbers and trace them.


Then I cut them out using scissors and a box cutter for the tight corners(obviously, this was when I made them last year).


I simply gathered tinsel and hot glued it to the cardboard.


Boom you’re done! That’s literally it!


It goes perfectly with my New Years tablescape.


Now all I have to do is trim the 8 to make the 9 for this year!

Like this…

UPDATE December 2019: And here I am, lazily doing it again for this New Years:

Found the “Happy New Year” banner at Goodwill!


Here’s a close up!

This whole thing will take you less than a half hour, is a great way to use leftover holiday decor, and is perfect for a party or anything last minute!  Let me know if you make some!  Hope you have a very happy new year! Love you all!


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