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Thrifted Home Decor: Home Office Edition

As you’ve seen, I’ve redecorated my home office, but it still isn’t quite done.  I’ve slowly been adding more and more to it, to make it more me.  This is the only space in the house that I can make 100% me!  No joke, 90% of it is from Goodwill!  Usually people don’t believe that, so here is some proof!

Here’s the little area of the office that I wanted to tell you about!


These velvet curtains were the best find! I love them!

Let’s break down each shelf!

Here’s the top shelf!
$5 for this plant! I just painted the base.


Here’s the pretty white vase.


These set of three books are over 100 years old! They are in great condition!


The brass pitcher was another fun find!  The book stack in the background and the pink glass piece are also old Goodwill finds!


Second shelf down! The globe was a Goodwill find from like 5 years ago and the books are a Goodwill find too!


This vintage pink and clear lidded piece is so pretty!





Added this candle holder that I used in this tablescape.



Onto the next shelf!


The books are one of my most favorite find ever! The pastel rainbow colors are INCREDIBLE!




Bottom shelf: once again, the books are from Goodwill! And so is the small plant!


Another great brass piece!


This small piece was also used for this tablescape.


Told you that I had proof! Can you believe all that I’ve found at Goodwill?! It is THE BEST!

Check out your Goodwill, or to find a location near you, visit meetgoodwill.org

Love you all!