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Southwestern Tablescape

I have been really into cactus, cattle skull and southwestern decor lately. It all started with this macrame project and then I fell in love! Is it like that for you? You find a style and take off with it? Or am I the only crazy one? ??

Anyway, I put together a Southwest tablescape that would be fun for you to do, especially in the summer! Let me give you some details:

Here it is! I used lots of touches of copper/rose gold! I tend to over do it with gold so it was fun to use something different.
The entire tablescape was inspired by when I first found these tumblers on clearance. Isn’t that an awesome deal?! I found similar ones and here.
The center piece large vase is from Goodwill $4.99! It’s a little misshaped but I felt like it gave it character and it was unique. Plus finally I found something that I didn’t have to paint. Yay!?


 I also used this table runner for this tablescape. I love using it! ?
Seriously, these AMAZING martini glasses are from Dollar Tree! I was stoked! Aren’t they so cool?! I found similar ones and here. ?. If you can find cheaper ones let me know and I’ll post the link!
The faux mini cacti one each end are from the seasonal section at Joann’s and the colorful teal and green cacti, and pink flower plates are from Ross.
 The napkin rings and the cattle head were also from Goodwill! They were a weird faded gold so I painted them using this copper color.  This Rustoleum paint is so pretty, I LOVE it!  So beautiful!

Here’s a few more pictures because I was having so much fun:

The flowers in the Goodwill vase are from Costco, anyone know what the name of the orange flowers are? I thought that they were so cool looking!

I actually have like a hundred more pictures but I will spare you!  haha! This was so fun to create and it makes me want to have a southwest bbq party! It also let me use the colorful macrame again! ? I’d love to hear what you think of the color scheme and if there’s too many cacti! ?

Love you all!