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Kentucky Derby Outfit

Did you know that the Kentucky Derby is coming up?!  It’s on May 2nd!  Whether you’re one of the few lucky ones who gets to attend, or just want to host a fun derby party, you should find a way to enjoy it!  I want to invite some girlfriends over, so that we all have a fun excuse to wear fancy hats!  Goodwill has so many fun hats to choose from:

A lot of them are church or beach hats, and you just need to get a little creative.


To decorate your fancy derby hat, you may want to use some fake flowers. There are always lots of options at Goodwill.


I also found these cute flower clips that could totally work for a hat! There are also bags of beads, ribbons, fabrics and feathers. Those would be great to add to a hat!


I found a beach hat that I was ready to make a derby hat!


I am cheap, so I ended up using leftover items that I’d saved from another project. Some magnolia leaves, flowers, greenery and ribbon.


Magnolias give a southern vibe right? That’s what I was thinking.?


Simple hot gluing was all I did.



I had some cute white dot ribbon, so I just wrapped it around in no particular way, just to add some drama!


Here it is all done! Pretty tame for all the usual dramatic derby hats! It has the Southern vibe I was going for though!


Found this cute top at Goodwill, and I wanted to see how it looked with the hat!


Fun spring outfit right?!



After doing that floral outfit, I thought maybe I could dress it up a bit to look super fancy with my Derby look.  Here’s what I put together:

I bought this fancy necklace when I visited the Newport Boutique!


I also found these gold glitter shoes, 50% off!


Put those accessories together with my hat, and I am ready to go to the derby!


I used the same black dress from this post.


Isn’t the hat too fun?!  I think I am going to make one more, it was a blast to put together!  Are you going to host a derby party?  Have you ever been to the Kentucky Derby?  It’s on my bucket list!  Be sure to go to your Goodwill to find a hat!  Visit for all of the details!  Love you all!