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Boring to Beautiful Bathroom Vanity

I’ve done some projects with the Creator’s Studio via Rustoleum before.  If you haven’t joined that community, you totally should!  I did their Summer Festival challenge, and recently participated in their Furniture Transformation challenge.  I was so happy with the results, that I wanted to share with you all how I did it.

I chose the fall blue color kit.


Here is everything that comes in the kit. You will need your own paint brushes and a roller(optional).


Now don’t judge, but this was my master bathroom sink before. Very brown, black and boring. It is just too dark for the already dark and cloudy place that I love in.


I had lazily painted the silver handles gold without letting it set or doing a top coat. This clearly shows in the pictures. It’s peeling and looks awful! ?


Following the directions closely on the kit, I taped everything off and cleaned everything before I started anything else on the vanity.


The directions say that you will need gloves for the first step. I just used some medical ones that I had. You use the deglosser along with the scrubber, to get grime and strip the top coat. This makes it so that you don’t have to sand or prime anything.


While waiting for different coats to dry, I patiently painted the handles with this gold spray paint.


Looking good so far!


While the handles were drying, the vanity was ready to be painted blue!


No turning back now!


Cool color right? I thought it was a beautiful blue!


I ended up doing two coats total. I waited about an hour in between coats.


Once I was done painting the blue, the kit does give you the option of a glaze. This would’ve given it more of an antique look, and that didn’t fit the style that I was looking for, so I went straight to step 4.


The directions say to use a separate brush for the paint coat and the top coat, but I’m cheap/lazy so I just washed it and used the same brush.

Let all of the paint and top coats set for a day or two and then you’re done!

The gold handles really pop!


I also painted the backsplash, but I’ll show you that later.


Such a difference right?!


So much brighter huh? I love it!


I still have more to do in the bathroom, but I’m loving the changes so far!  Would you try one of those kits?  I’m telling you, they’re awesome!  Love you all!

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