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Newport Boutique Take 2!

I wanted to share more with all of you of what I was able to find here:

As I’d previously mentioned, Newport now has a Goodwill Boutique!

I still have a ton to share with you about this beautiful store!

Look at the pretty beach theme.


Along with cute clothes, there’s lots of great home decor items, and accessories.


Look at that adorable top, jacket and necklace.
Loved all the jewelry options throughout the store.





Love the bright colors!


I must have walked around the store like 100 times, I kept missing things! Look at those cute purses on the bottom shelf!


I really wanted a new purse, I had my eye on that yellow one on the top shelf…


I also had my eye on this cute orange one.


Or this yellow Coach purse. ?

While thinking about which purse to get, I looked in this cute section:

Great selection of nice, high quality work out clothes!


Found this Addidas jacket in that section and I LOVED it!


Ready to run! ?


Great jacket for loungewear or exercising.


For some cute professional attire I found:

I also found this bluish/purple long cardigan.


Great pop of color!


Isn’t this pendant necklace pretty! I had to get it!


Looks great with the cardigan!

After I found those items, I found what I was looking for!

Do you see what I see?! It was love at first sight!?


You know I’m talking about the Michael Kors bag!!!


Here’s me hugging it! Is it weird to be in love with a purse? Asking for a friend. ?


Doesn’t it finish the outfit beautifully?! The purse was $59.99! WAY better deal than the hundreds you could spend on a MK bag.

Aren’t all of those finds amazing?!  I was thrilled with them!  Can you believe that all of these items are hand picked, wonderful brands, like new, sorted second hand items?!  AND they go to a great cause?!  You can’t lose!  To go to this boutique or other store, be sure to visit and go shopping!  You’ll be so excited with what you find.  Love you all!

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