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Easter and Spring Outfits

Can you believe that spring is here and that Easter is coming up?!  I can’t believe how quickly time flies by!  If you’re looking for a fun and fresh outfit to wear to Easter Sunday church, bbq  or egg hunt, Goodwill can help you with that!  Here’s some of my latest finds:

Found these sandals at the Goodwill Outlet (also known as “the bins”) and paid less than $2 for these.


Found this adorable, long and floral dress at Goodwill.


Here’s the dress on with the sandals and I love it! Perfect for Easter Sunday!


These look darker in the pictures, but these mint heels looked brand new and were $4.99!


This adorable pencil skirt was 50% off.


Found this pretty matching green necklace too!

Put them all together and created this outfit…

I’m loving the green!


Found this greyish-teal body con dress and I loved the color.


Saw this adorable tassel purse, and I wanted to add it to my look!


$9.99, it still had the packaging in it, and it looked brand new!


Don’t the colors look pretty together? I love the neutral dress color with the bright purse.

Does this give you any ideas?  Are you planning on anything fun for Easter?  What do you usually wear?  I love all of the finds that you guys send me pictures of.  Keep them coming!  To find your own treasures and outfits and a Goodwill near you, please visit .Love you all!

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