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Pretty Polka Dot Outfits

A timeless pattern that is fun to pair with any outfit is polka dots!  They are easy to add with a pop of color, or just add some personality to an outfit.  Here are some of the cute polka dot tops that I’ve found at Goodwill:

This navy blue, short sleeve sweater is cute!  It’d look great with a pencil skirt.


Red is always a great choice!


Or maybe even sequin polka dots! This J Crew top is adorable!

I ended up choosing 4 different tops, that all had polka dots!

This long sleeve gray shirt has a perfect casual look.
Gray and pink are always a good combo, so this top is perfect!


This is a great top for business casual!
The top totally dresses up these same pants!


I also found this H&M mini dress that I wore as a tunic.


The dress was fun to pair with leggings and boots!  As always, they’re burgundy leggings. 😂


For the cooler feeling days, add a long sweater and the polka dot print is a great little touch.


This top doesn’t necessarily have “traditional” polka dots, but it still has the same look.  (low quality picture, sorry!)


What an awesome deal!


Another pretty outfit with the pink pants. 💗

Do you like the polka dots?  Are they outdated to you?  Which top do you like best?  Can you believe that I found all of these at Goodwill?!  So many great finds!  To find a Goodwill near you, or more information about their sustainability programs, be sure to go to for details.

Love you all!

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