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DIY White Christmas Wreath

I know that I’ve mentioned being resourceful with your decor, and I’m going to show you another way  I was resourceful! I made a wreath using leftover pieces from other projects!


I showed you my rainbow Christmas tree with my DIY tree skirt, and with the leftover faux fur fabric scraps I made a wreath!


Here’s the wreath with my mantel! I love it! It was so easy to make!

Here’s how you can make it too:

Start with a metal wreath frame, hot glue gun and glue sticks.


I had these left over from another project, but you really could use anything! Foam, pillow stuffing, leftover fabric, packing peanuts, actual cotton balls. Literally anything! ?


Then I just glued them all around the metal wreath frame.


Here they are glued all along the frame.


Then with scraps that I had left over from my DIY tree skirt, I covered the cotton snow balls with the faux fur fabric scraps!


I pulled the fabric tightly and hot glued it to the frame or cotton in the back of the wreath.


I had a bunch of small ornament packs from Goodwill that I also used on this post. I picked the colors that I liked. Here’s some similar packs.


I pulled off the hook end part of the ornament and hot glued it to the faux fur fabric.


Tip: make sure you arrange how and where you want the ornaments before you glue them! Otherwise it’s a pain to take them off of the fur. It sheds like crazy.


Looks perfect on my mantel!


I’m obsessed! ?

Now you have a super fun wreath for the holidays!  I love that it matches my tree skirt and that I was able to use the leftover fabric scraps from that project!  This would also look really cute in light pink faux fur or green could be cool too!  Hope you like it and that you’re inspired to make a wreath!  Love you all!

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