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DIY Easy Colorful Christmas Wreath

 I’ve shown you my colorful Christmas decor and my Rainbow ombre tree, but now it’s time to show you the cheapest project out of all of this Christmas decor:

See that wreath on the mantel in the background?! I made it for less than $6!

Here’s how I did it:

This yarn was from a bag of yarn that I bought at Goodwill for around $5(I can’t remember the exact price, sorry!), but it came with tons of different yarns. This white one was perfect!  Here’s another cheap option.


This part was the most time consuming part of the whole thing. I gathered a bunch of yard around my fingers and tied it in a knot down the middle. I made a ton of these and tried to make them all look about the same. Does that make sense?


It’ll make your life a lot easier if you try to tie the knot as close to the center as possible.


Then you just start cutting all of the edges off of the yarn. Make sure that you don’t cut the middle knot you had just made.


Be sure to cut to make the edges somewhat even. I recommend fabric scissors, makes it way easier!


Then you do it a bunch more times! This is when it’ll start to feel like it’s going to take forever! I did it while watching a show, and that helped me be less annoyed at how long it took me.


Then I used a wreath frame from the dollar store(here’s a similar one), and hot glued the white yarn poms all over the frame.


Be sure to glue to the metal directly or it won’t stay. I tried just gluing the poms to other poms but it didn’t stay.


Yay! The hardest part is over! Now let’s add some holiday bling!


I found these cute mini ornaments at Goodwill, and you can’t argue with the price or all the pretty colors!(here’s some similar ones)


Then I just started gluing! I do regret gluing right away though! I would recommend placing them where you want them, and then gluing! I have no idea why I didn’t think of this before I made the wreath. ? haha


Here they are all glued! Now I just need to hang it up!


I love all the colors! It looks like little bits of color on the snow.




Perfect touch for my Christmas mantel!


What do you think?!  I love it and I love the price!  It would also look cool with different colors!  Like I’d love a dusty pink yarn with gold or silver mini ornaments?  Or maybe keep the white yarn with only one color of ornaments?   That could look pretty cool!  What colors would you choose?  Would you make one?  I think if you’re not sure what to hang above your mantel, this could be a great choice!  Let me know if you make one, or if you have any questions!  Love you all!

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