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Shower Curtains for the Kitchen

As you may know, I have an unhealthy love for shower curtains. ?  After trying to find curtains to go right above my kitchen sink, I found ones that were okay, but they got super gross with dish water and other things splashing on it.  Then I suddenly thought of ? “Duh!  Use a shower curtain!”  I went to Ross and I found this beauty:


It was $11.99 and the 72×72′ inches dimensions were perfect for my kitchen window!


Instead of buying the curtain clips or sewing anything, I just decided to use the hoops that came with the curtain.

I didn’t want to spend more than the $12 so instead of buying 2 curtains, I just decided to cut them in half to make the single curtain into two.  Here’s how I did that:

I folded the curtain exactly in half and made sure that the fold down the middle was nice and straight.


Try to get it all lined up as equally as possible so that you don’t have different shapes of curtains.


Be sure to use fabric scissors and cut down the center fold. Don’t use regular scissors! I used to think people were ridiculous when they would tell me that but they were 100% right! Your cuts on the fabric will be so much better!


Here it is all cut. Since I don’t sew, I decided to make the edges look smooth by using…


Hot glue! It sounds dumb but I just used my hot glue gun and glued the inside of the edges about 1/4 of an inch. Totally smoothed the edges and keeps the fabric from fraying.


All I did was glue, then press the fabric.


I took my time on this one because I wanted to make sure that the edges looked nice.


I added the hoops that were already included with the curtains and I hung them up:

That’s it!  It took me less than an hour to get this all together.  I love having the extra pop of color in my kitchen!  If you can’t find this specific curtain, I found similar ones here and here.

UPDATE: I ended up finding these cute curtains at Goodwill that I replaced them with:

Love the gold! So pretty!  What a great price too!


Love the light that they let through.


So pleased with how inexpensively and pretty that these turned out!

What do you think about this idea?  One thing that I truly love about them is that they are SO easy to clean!  I wish that I would have thought of this idea sooner!  Let me know what you think and if you’re going to try using a shower curtain.  Love you all!

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