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Shower Curtain Shams

You read that right! Sham pillows made from shower curtains! It was simple, easy and inexpensive! Just like all of my projects.?

First, let me explain why shower curtains are one of my decor secrets that I’m sharing with you. When I’m talking about shower curtains, I’m referring to the fabric ones and not the plastic feeling ones. I just want to clarify that before I elaborated more on my extreme love for shower curtains. ?

Have you ever looked at bigger graphic fabric? It’s pretty expensive if you need to buy any more than a yard even when you use a coupon! I’m very particular about prints and fabrics that I use because in the past I’d try to just “settle” on something and I never ended happy with it. Shower curtains have really helped with this! They are inexpensive(always cheap at Ross, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, etc.), and you get quite a bit of fabric because all shower curtains are at least 72 x 72 inches (or 180 cm) so you’re using going to have extra fabric to work with. I personally also feel like curtains come in larger graphics or prints so I always find more print/pattern options with shower curtains.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “Geez Serretta, you’re making this weird with how much you like shower curtains. Please stop talking about it.” ? Okay I’ll stop. But fair warning, I have more posts and projects where I used more shower curtains! ? I think I have a problem. Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this project. Here is what I made:

Here’s the shower curtain that I chose. I forgot to take a picture of the price, but it was $12.99 at Ross. I love the large print!


Here it is all laid out on on my bed.


I’m sure that it’s good to measure and cut the fabric, but I just wrapped the fabric/shower curtain around the pillows and cut.


I didn’t take a picture of me cutting the fabric, but I just left myself an inch or two of fabric so that I could have a friend sew it for me. As I frequently mention, sewing isn’t my thing.

And here they are all finished:

I love how they turned out!  So pretty! ?

Since I had extra fabric I was able to use it for my master bathroom window to tie the color scheme and fabric with the pillows on the bed. Yay! ?

I just love it! ?

So what so you think?!  Would you give a shower curtain a shot?  It’s such a great resource!  I found similar shower curtains that are beautiful here, here, here and here.  Let me know if you end up using one so that I can see it!  Love you all!



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