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I Bought Amazon Pillow Covers..Pillow Sham Wow

Pillow Sham Wow…get it?  Haha, I’m such a dork! ?

As I’ve mentioned before, Style doesn’t need to be expensive!  It just takes being resourceful!  Hopefully I can be one of your resources. ?‍♀️ Buying different and cheap items on Amazon can be hit and miss so I wanted to share a shopping win!  ?

Throw pillows are such a fun way to add more color, texture and decoration to your home.  Pillow sham covers are an easy and cheap way to change up your decor as your style changes.  Needless to say, I’ve owned many pillow covers. ?  Here are my pillow covers that I am in love with for you to check out:

The black and white ones and the multicolor petal ones came in a pack of two which I thought was pretty great! I love how all of these pillows match my decor.


The black and white ones are available here.


I love this ombre pine tree cover because it matches the trees in our backyard that you can see through the windows. So pretty!

The colorful petal ones are sold out right now!  I’m so bummed but as soon as they are back in stock I will post the correct link!  This is the business that sells them if you want to check them out, and here are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 options that have a similar look that I also love!

All in all for these covers it was around $25 which is way cheaper than most covers or new pillows. What do you think about it?  Do I need even more pillow shams on my sofa?  I’m trying to cut back because pillows are so fun but it can also be way too much!  Love you all!

  **This post contains affiliate links which is at no extra cost or price to you, the consumer.  This just makes it so that I can pay to create my content and keep my site up.  Thank you! *

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