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Rainbow Ombré Christmas Tree

Hello! This is very late(if you compare to most bloggers), but I finally can show you all our Christmas tree!  This December has flown by! We all got sick, and I feel more behind on everything this year!  Seriously, more than I ever have!  Is it just me?  Or has it been like that for all of you too?  Anyway, I did a “color block” tree last year, and I decided that I wanted to do something similar this year, but with an ombre effect. I have SO many ornaments from over the years, so I thought instead of choosing one color, I could use them all!  Here it is:

I’m pretty pleased with it!  To make it simple, you can always buy this pack or this pack of rainbow ornaments.

Here are a bunch of close up pictures:

Red is a classic!


The purple was a little tricky because I didn’t have very many, so I spray painted a bunch of shades of purple with the paint that I already had. (side note: I have a legit spray paint addiction! My garage has shelves full!) Found some purple ones here. 


Pink is my favorite in any shade!


I have had this peacock colored ornament for years and I just love it! ? It’s from Walmart! Here’s a similar one. 


Light blue/turquoise and dark blue are such rich colors! ?


Lime green is always a great Christmas color!


White, gold and silver are the perfect ending to the top of the tree!


The only item that I bought for Christmas decor was this star. It was $7.99 at Ross, and I love how big and glittery it is! Here’s a similar one. 


I had a ton of gold and red garland beads, so I just spray painted them whichever color I needed. I think it turned out pretty good!

That’s it!  That’s my tree!  I hope that you like it!  Here’s one more picture because I always post way too many! ?


**Update** It’s Holiday season 2020 and this is STILL my most popular post!  So I did an updated version of the rainbow Christmas tree!

I flocked the tree and made my own tree skirt. What do you think about the update?! Hope you like it!



Thanks for checking it out!  Post a comment and let me know what color your Christmas tree is!  I so love hearing from you!  No matter what you celebrate, I hope you enjoy the holiday season with the ones you love!  Love you all!

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  1. Yay! My ombré tree needed something and just found this! Beads!! Getting out my hordes of beads and spray paint!

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