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Mor Furniture Living Room Styling!

I know that I’ve mentioned that I was able to style with Mor Furniture for Design Star, and recently their Salida Dining Set.  I was also able to style a living room using their Passport Sofa!

They are having one of their biggest sales of the year!  It’s their Labor Day Sale!!! Get up to 35% off!  To show you what you can get during this awesome sale, here’s a living room that I styled with Mor!

Look at what I was able to put together!

I was going for monochromatic/hipster vibes/with little bits of boho for this living room. What do you think?


The Passport Sofa comes in multiple colors, but my favorite is the gray(the name is “Stone”)! It matches everything!


This is the Paradox Coffee table! Lots of different elements and materials with this table.


I am OBSESSED with the Puckman Accent Chair in brown! So sleek and comfortable!


The rug is super affordable and it’s called the Aden Rug!


The perfect accent piece and wow factor is the Geometrix 3 Door Cabinet! ?


The detail is incredible!


I did another mini gallery wall on here, but my favorite was the Thames Wall Clock! So cool!


I also used the Paradox End Table and Maire Table lamp .


The Map Wall Art really finished the look without overpowering the Geometrix piece.


One of my favorite pictures of the pretty chair with the sofa!


You can never have too many accent pillows right? ?

I’ll do a separate post about everything behind the scenes, but here’s a neat shot of the professional photographer getting his shots:


Oh look! It’s the quirky weirdo who styled the room! ?


Here are all the Mor Pieces that I used:

Passport Sofa

Geometrix 3 Door Cabinet 

Paradox Coffee Table

Paradox End Table

Puckman Accent Chair

Aden Area Rug

Thames Wall Clock

Map Wall Art

Maire Table Lamp


I can’t wait to show you even more pictures and share more of this with all of you!  As always, Mor was fantastic to work with, and it was fun to work with such cute furniture!  Let me know what you think about this space and what piece is your favorite!  Love you all!