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Mor Furniture Dining Styling!


I am so thrilled to tell you that I was able to work with Mor Furniture again! I LOVED working with them for Design Star, so I have always wanted to work with them again!  Their headquarters are in Southern California, and I was there for a family trip, so I reached out and asked if I could stop by and help with a photo shoot!  This is one of two sets that I had the privilege of styling!

Presenting: the Salida Dining Set!!!

Mor Furniture is having their Labor Day Sale right now!  Get up to 35% off!

Here is the complete look that I was able to put together for the photo shoot. This is the angle that their photographer needed for his shoot.


I love the bench that matches the table. ?


Paired with the dining set is the Americana Console in blue! Isn’t that color beautiful?!  The mirror is also from the Salida collection!


The set is available in brown and gray! This is the brown set.


I was able to do a mini gallery wall with two pictures and a round mirror.

I was going for a blend of traditional, mid century modern, modern farmhouse, with touches of Studio McGee vibes.  How do you think I did?

Here is a ton of pictures that I was able to take of the set:

The frames around the two pictures are actually gold and they match the vase.


Here’s a close up of the gallery wall.


Tip for styling a dining table for photos: Don’t over do it! If the pictures are supposed to highlight the furniture, it’ll be too distracting and take away for the piece. If you’re doing a tablescape or designing for something in person, go as busy or as crazy as you’d like!


The blues and greens make me so happy!


Those brass candleholders were such a great find while I was shopping!


The whole look that I was able to put together started with those blue ceramic cups! Once I saw those while shopping, I wanted to base the whole design around them!


This set is in stock and has a quick turnaround/delivery time! It goes with any style and look! Wonderful neutral colors that can match any design or look!



Here’s a peak at what it looks like behind the scenes with all the studio lighting:

The lighting is SO intense and hot! Makes you sweaty like right away! Everyone who works at a shoot is always roasting the whole time! ?


Little peak at the photographer filming the space.


And here’s the dork who styled it! haha ?

Here are all the pieces that I used:

Salida Dining Set in brown

Americana Console in Blue

Salida Mirror in brown

Take advantage of their Labor Day Sale and get up to 35% off!  I can’t wait to show you the other set that I worked on!  Thank you so much to Mor Furniture!  I had the best time!

Love you all!