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Homeschool and Office Space

All of us have had to be creative with working from home and having our kids do school from home.  It has been so difficult to organize everything and to give everyone their own space!  My 8 year old boy really wanted a “Learning Area” of his own!  So we decided to go look at Goodwill to see what we could find!

I went to a Goodwill outlet and a retail store! There are so many inexpensive furniture pieces!


These pieces would be great for storage in any office/school area!


There is always A TON of office supplies and pieces at Goodwill!


This would be a great piece for storage on a desk!


Brand new cute files!
These bookends would look great in an office!


I bought this for a little tray to hold items on my son’s desk.


I found this awesome lamp that had storage on it! My son thought it was so cool, so we bought it.


I also found this cute storage basket for his headphones and chargers.


Speaking of headphones, there are tons at Goodwill! A necessity for home school learning!


Lots of cute clocks to keep everyone on schedule!


I found this really cool piece that you can clip papers and hang things on! Great for artwork, notes and it can hold a badge that my son has to use to sign in. It was only $4.99!


I found these cute chairs for $6.99 each! I bought both of them for each of my kids!

There are some great desks at Goodwill too:

This wicker one is adorable.


Love this vintage looking desk! This would be a fun piece to update for a teenager’s room!
I ended up using a console table as a desk that a got at Goodwill a few years ago. I bought it for $9.99 and painted it.


To add some fun and give him a dry eraser board, we picked put this green frame.


I put all of those Goodwill finds together to make this school space:

He LOVES it!  Can you believe that it is all from Goodwill?!


It’s been really helpful to him to have his own space to do his school work.


I forgot to take a picture of it, but I found that green pencil holder at Goodwill too! $2.99! And it was in my son’s favorite color!


I spray painted the lamp gold, and now it all matches, and has the extra storage!


It’s the perfect little spot.


I made more rainbow tassel garland for this space.


It’s set up in a little corner of our living room!


I also used a ton of Goodwill finds for my own home office.


I think I did that entire learning/homeschool area for less than $40!  Isn’t that incredible?!  I love all the great things that I’m able to find at Goodwill!

Check out your Goodwill, or to find a location near you, visit  or learn more about their job connections at  You can also check out their new Instagram account for specialty books at Goodwillbooks and give it a follow!

Love you all!