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DIY Pumpkin Ombre Wreath

I totally get that I don’t need anymore wreaths, but I wanted a fresher, more colorful look for fall this year.  If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of pumpkins lying around or in your fall decor storage.  Faux pumpkins are everywhere and in every store!  Seriously, some of the pumpkins that I used for this project were in a big bag of pumpkins that were at Goodwill!  The rest were from clearance after Thanksgiving a few years ago!  That’s how cheap I am!  I ended up using all different sizes of pumpkins and squash.  Here’s how I was able to make it:

Here’s all you need to get started! Hot glue sticks, glue gun, faux pumpkins and squash of all different sizes(this could also look cool with just pumpkins of the same size, I just had a lot of different sizes) and a foam wreath.


I placed all of the pieces down before I glued them, because it takes a lot of rearranging before it looks just right.


The way that I recommend doing it, is placing the big pieces first, and then the small pieces. Makes it way easier.


Here it is all glued!


I then started painting with craft paint.  This took FOREVER and wasn’t sitting right!  So I did this instead:


Use primer! I’m serious! It’ll save you time in the long run, and the colors paint on much more easily!  I recommend the spray paint primer even though that’s not what I used.  I was too lazy/cheap to get the spray one.   It would have been easier to use the spray.  Were I to do it again, that’s how I would’ve done it.


I just kept on painting!


This was how I had it at first, but the more I looked at it, the more I hated the yellow! It just didn’t go. So I decided to paint over the yellow.


I painted the yellow a dark redish color. And guess what? I still hated it. It just didn’t feel right! I’m crazy and painted over it again!


After repainting the last sections for a third time, I finally liked it! Here it is all done!


I always love adding color to holiday decor, so it’s fun to have this on my door!


Took me forever to figure out the colors, but it was worth it!

Were I to do this all over again, I would’ve planned the painting and colors ahead of time!  I always think that I’ll be able to just add the colors as it goes, and it never works out!  I caused myself way more work than necessary by not planning ahead with my paint colors!  Learn from my many painting mistakes!  I hope you make yourself one, and that you brighten up your holiday decor with this fun wreath!  Love you all!

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