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Free Cupboards Turned TV Console

I have been looking for a media console for FOREVER! I needed a longer piece, but not too wide, and medium height.  Isn’t that way too specific?  I’m too picky and cheap, so I really wanted to figure out a way to make myself one on my own. I saw this on my neighborhood group on Facebook:



I was able to get this for free! They are old/gross upper cabinets from a garage.  They were perfect!  Not too wide, long and medium height!  I was so inspired!


I gave the cupboards a nice cleaning and sanding.

Okay now bear with me on this part because I lost all of my pictures of doing this project! ?. So I’m going to explain this with the few pictures that I do have:

I then used wood floor trimmings to give a fun detail to the piece. Decide on your pattern before you cut the wood, I rearranged these a bunch of times. You can also use wood pieces like this to make a design. 

Here’s a break down of how I trimmed the wood pieces:


Trim the wood pieces. I love this tool. Get leg attachments, and screw those in, then attach/screw in legs. I used 8 legs because I wanted it to be extra sturdy!


I painted and primed it using a flat white of my most favorite paint.


I found these amazing knobs on clearance, but found similar ones here and here.


I love them!?


I found this paint in the oops paint area, and decided to paint the inside of the console. Here’s a similar color.


I was too lazy to prime the inside, but the paint covered pretty well.


Looking great so far!


Love how it looks together!

I finally feel like the living room is coming together!


I love the surprise color when you open the console!

That was the whole project!

The cabinets before…


…turned console/entertainment center after! I love it!

Once again I was resourceful with my items to make decor and design my space.  The total cost was $80! I am so happy with how it turned out, and love that it is exactly what I wanted! Hope you like it!  Love you all!


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