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DIY Mirror Upgrade

I just finished a fun DIY and I’m so excited to show you!

Found this mirror at a Goodwill outlet. It was a bit beat up, but I saw potential!


It was only $6!


First thing I did was remove the frame from the mirror so that I could work on the frame.


The frame had lots of little chips and damage, but overall the structure was solid.


Using calking and wood filler, I just filled in any chips or dents.


One that was all filled and dry, I spray painted it gold. (outside, ergo all the dirt ?)


Turned out pretty good! You can’t even see where the wood was damaged! I liked it, but I felt like the gold was a little too glam to get thr look I was wanting.


I found this paint, and it was a great brassy gold color.


I simply hand painted the frame of the mirror. Not sure if you can see it, but the glam looking gold hasn’t been painted over yet on the right part of the frame.
I reattached the frame, and that was it! Here it is all done!


Here it is before…


Here it is after! I love it!