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Pretty and Bright Colors from Goodwill!

How has your summer been?!  Summer is the best here in Portland!  It’s green, gorgeous, and there are so many things to do and enjoy here!  I am so happy to show you all of these pretty and bright finds from Goodwill!  Fashion during the summer is always fun!  Any excuse I can find to wear color is my favorite!  Here are the things that I was able to find!

I loved this romper! It was too small though! ? Hopefully I can find one that looks similar to this one sometime soon!


If you look behind the romper, I also found this bright yellowish green dress that I thought was a great color for summer and spring!  Plus it fit!


Also brand new!  See the leftover tag?


I love the color and fit!


The shoes and bracelet are also from Goodwill!


Another awesome find was this Lucky dress that was also brand new!


I ended up using this dress for my intro page on my site(hence why I’m waving hi?)! It’s pink and comfy, all the things I love!

Besides these gorgeous dresses, I also found some purses!(I know, I have a serious addiction!)

This bright yellow purse is perfect for spring and summer!


$7.99! And it was yellow tag week, so no joke, I got this purse for less than $4!


This brand new purse still had remnants of a Target tag, so I new that it was new! Great color too!


It must’ve been my lucky day because it was also a yellow tag!!! I was so excited! Another cute purse for less than $4!

Can you believe that I got two new purses for less than $8?!  $7.98 for both!  Such great finds!


Aren’t these all incredible finds?!  I love each of the pretty colors, and love how bright they are!  Perfect for Spring and Summer!  So affordable too!  Which of these finds is your favorite?!

 To find a Goodwill Boutique or Goodwill near you, be sure to visit

Love you all!