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Fall Must Have: Boots

My love for shoes runs deep.  Especially for shoes from Goodwill and this fall/winter seasons are perfect for boots!  I currently prefer ankle boots “booties” with all of my fall and winter fashion.  It is often wet and rainy here so I usually can’t wear heels, tennis shoes or flats because they will get soaked.  Boots have become an essential part of my wardrobe since moving to Portland 7 years ago.  My favorite place to shop for booties is Goodwill!  They are awesome!  Here’s some of my amazing ankle boot finds:

There is always a variety to chose from and all arranged by color. 😍


Look at all of those!


I love looking through all of them and finding unique colors and trendy looks.


I found these ones yesterday for $7.99!


See?! What a great deal!


I found these ones a while ago, so cute right?!

Here are some that I’ve bought recently, that I was able to use for my fall looks:

These black tie booties are one of my favorites. They are Jessica Simpson brand and they look good with almost any outfit.
I love how the black matches everything!  You can see more about this outfit on this post.


These ones I found just a few days ago, and I unintentionally picked out another pair of tie booties! Ooops! Oh well! I love them and you can’t beat the price!


Love them with this army green shirt!

Here are a few other outfits with Goodwill booties that I have had for a few years now:

I love these grey-black ones with multiple buckles. I’ve been wearing these for two or three years.


I got these ones new, with the tags from Kohls three years ago and I love them! I paid $15 for them but it was so worth it!

Are you a boots type of person?  What’s your favorite style?  Rider boots?  Knee high? Or booties?  I go on kicks with different types and it’s fun to see what I’ll find at Goodwill! Go look and let me know what you find.  Goodwill uses money from each purchase to do and provide so many things for so many people.  This is a great time of year to go there and see what you’ll find!   To find a location of a boutique or store, be sure to go to  You can also visit that site to for matters about shopping, donating and Goodwill’s sustainability program.  Love you all!

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