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Dress Up Casual for Holiday Parties

Do you have any holiday gatherings, parties or dinners coming up?  Is it one of those super formal events?  Or just something that you dress up a little bit for? If you’re not wearing party clothes very often, it can get super expensive for something that you’ll only wear a few times.  An amazing solution is Goodwill!  I found three outfits that I put together, that fit the “Dress Up Casual” look.  Basically, a little dressed up, but not over the top.  Here’s what I put together and it was SO inexpensive.

For my first outfit I picked:

These Loft pants that are a pretty burgundy/maroon. It’s a great fall/winter color.


If you don’t like the color I chose, there are tons of other ones to choose from! Look at all those pants at Goodwill!😍


I then saw this sequin sleeve shirt that was perfect for a little holiday bling. Brand new with tags!


I’ve never heard of this brand, but I like it. Have you? But $6.99 for a new shirt is awesome!

Those pants and that top created this holiday outfit:

What do you think? I like that it’s a classy look, but not over the top.


The sleeves are fun too! Matches all the glitz of the holidays!

Onto my second outfit:


I found this brand new military shirt at Goodwill. It’s from Express and it is so fun! It also has sequins on it!  Perfect for a professional look or a way to look a little nicer than casual dress.


I just paired the shirt with leggings and these boots. This shirt would also look great with a skirt and heels!

For my third and final look, I found this Forever 21 romper at Goodwill:

It doesn’t look like much on the dressing room floor does it?


But it was 50% off of $7.99 so I figured it was worth trying on…


Guess what?! It looked awesome on! I wore it to Thanksgiving family dinner and I got a ton of compliments! This was out of my comfort zone but I’m glad a took a little risk! Plus, it’s comfortable, has pockets, looks cute with pops of color, and can be as dressed up or dressed down as you want.


So there you have it!  I put together 3 different professional holiday outfits for less than $50 total!  What do you think about the romper?  Too weird?  Or would you try it?  Give Goodwill a shot for your party attire!  You’ll be surprised at what you find.  Plus, each purchase is so amazing because it helps so many people and changes so many lives.  To find a location of a boutique or store, be sure to go to  You can also visit that site to for matters about shopping, donating and Goodwill’s sustainability program.  Love you all!

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