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Easy Way to Decorate for Christmas

Is Christmas/holiday decorating a little overwhelming?  Do you feel like you have to redecorate your entire house or buy all new decor just for a holiday?  I found an easy way to add holiday decor to everyday items that you already have!  It’s cheap, easy, and adds a fun amount of Christmas cheer to your home.  Here’s how I did it, and you could do it too!

It all started when I found these wreaths:

I bought these old wreaths at a Goodwill outlet, otherwise know as “the bins.” They charge by the pound, so I think that these were $2-3 total.

If you don’t want to look for cheap wreaths, another option is to buy some of these branches at the Dollar Tree:

They have so much to chose from so you can pick exactly what you want.

Once you have your stems/wreaths.  I cut my wreath pieces into smaller parts:

It had some ugly brown pieces, so I just didn’t use those.


Just grab the section you want.


And then cut it off. I also cut off the green leaves because I didn’t like them.


I grabbed little sections of pieces of both the berry and white wreaths.

I have this green wreath from Ikea that I hang year round.  Instead of buying all new Christmas items, I just added those little pieces of berry and “frost” to the wreath.

I just added it semi-evenly throughout the wreath. This could easily be done with dollar tree branches and flowers!


Keep adding the holiday pieces until you get the look you want!

Here’s how it turned out:

Cute right?! I made a spring wreath into a Christmas wreath, by just adding a few small pieces!

I ended up doing the exact some thing to plants that I also bought from Ikea that I use year round and they look awesome:

The plant on the furthest right hand side, just has some red glitter pieces that I bought from the dollar tree! Fun right?!


That’s seriously all I did!  Isn’t that so simple?!  It’s fun to make everything “Christmasy” using things that I already have ad is way less work!  What do you think?  Are you going to try it?  Let me know what you find and make!  I’d love to see it!  Love you all!