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West Elm Accessory Knock Off

I saw these beauties at West Elm and I was in love:

You can buy these here

I LOVE these but I didn’t love the price.  The smaller piece is $39 and the large piece is $49.  Though they are beautiful accessories, it just wasn’t in my price range.  So I decided to make one for myself.  Here’s how I figured it out how to make my own.


I went searching for similar shapes in the wood craft section at a craft store.


I found these at Joanns(sorry for no link! I couldn’t find them online anywhere!) and here are some you can get on Amazon.


Once again I used this stain that I’ve used for lots of projects. Stain is amazing, there is a ton of it and a little bit goes a long way! You can buy one container but it lasts forever.


I first tried using marble contact paper but after trying for over an hour, it didn’t work at all! I think that the stain made it hard to stick and all the edges and angles made it even more difficult so I had to think of another solution!


I decided to tape off half of each shape and spray painted them white.  Sorry I forgot to get a picture of that!


I then just got black crafting paint and did random spots and lines to make a faux marble look, and then I wiped after painting it to make it look imperfect and not too manufactured.


Here they are:

I think they turned out pretty good!


Here they are all done on my hutch!  What do you think?!

Obviously they’re not to the perfection that is anything West Elm has, but I was stoked to get the look that I wanted!  All in all the entire project cost me about $10(used coupons at Joanns and including the cost of the non-working contact paper) which is far more reasonable than me buying the actual accessories.  So does it just look like a cheap knock off?  Anything that you would change?  I’d love to hear from you!  Love you all!

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