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Studio Apartment Styling

I have been wanting to show you this studio apartment for forever!  I’m finally catching up with all of my photos.  This is a studio apartment that I was able to style back in March, right before Covid 19.  The interior design was brilliantly done by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design.  I love partnering with them, and have lots more jobs to share with you!  Here are some shots from a Portland Studio apartment that I loved:

Here’s what it looks like when you walk in!  Sorry it’s a little grainy, this is a picture from my phone.

We always want to share a story in a space, and not simply stage it.  Hopefully you are able to pick up on some of those details and touches.

This large kitchen was such a great use of space!


Look at all that natural light and windows!


Can’t go wrong with a Murphy bed!


The tree was just a little too short, so I just found a cool looking thick book and stacked it. It’s all about layering when you style a space.


It was so fun to highlight such a stunning kitchen! It’s huge for such a small space!


This shelving unit is definitely a highlight to the whole space. Usually I love doing shelves, but this was my nemesis. I kept making it look too retail and not personalized. Luckily I was able to get it to come together.


The different colors of glass looked so amazing with all of the natural light! Such a fun way to add color!


Isn’t this eating area darling? That big banner is from a second hand shop! Isn’t it so cool?!  I love it!  Any idea what language it is?

That’s it!  That’s the full tour!  What part of the space was your favorite?  I styled the bathroom too, but can’t find any pictures.  ?If I’m able to find some, I’ll be sure to add them!  Thank you for checking this out!  Love you all!

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