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Free Desk from Trash to Treasure!

In my laundry area of my house I have a tiny loft.  I have never known how to fill that small space, but I really wanted an office space so I decided to look for a desk.  Obviously I wanted it to be inexpensive, so I kept looking at thrift stores and yard sales.  Most of them were over priced or ginormous!  I had such a small space for the desk that I needed something that was simple and had clean lines.  That was when I happened to check Craigslist, and I found this beauty:

This was offered for free online and it was down the street from my house! I had to get it!


There were so many random nails, burnt marks and scratches but it was FREE! It just needed a little work.

First thing I did was give it a thorough cleaning and sanding!  :

Already such a difference right?!

Then I decided to stain it with the same stain that I used for this table and this is how it turned out.

I HATED it! It didn’t look anything close to the same color as the table and had a red undertone that I really didn’t like.

After that total fail, I decided to paint it.  I looked at paint at Home Depot and I looked at the “Oops” paint area.  I found a quart of a beautiful color for $2!  So I got my primer, paint sprayer and I went to work.  Here’s what it looks like now!

Isn’t it such a big difference?! It fits perfectly on the loft and I love the color!


I actually just painted the wood knobs gold so that I didn’t have to buy new ones. So easy!


Here it is all completed! Love my little loft space!


Such a cool trash to treasure transformation! Still can’t believe it was free!

There you have it!  My trash to treasure desk.  If you are patient and resourceful, you can upcycle any piece of furniture.  What do you think?  I’m wanting to change the color of the chair, but I can’t decide which color!  I’d love ideas!

Thanks for visiting!  Love you all!



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