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DIY Tile Painting, Laundry Room Before and After!

Have you ever thought about an inexpensive way to update your tile floors?  It can be expensive, but I found a cheaper and easier way to update your ugly tile!  I’m slowly redoing each room in my house, and I had a really sad looking laundry room! The tile was the first thing that I wanted to change! Here it is before:

This is what it looked like when we moved in, and still looked like this a couple weeks ago! ?

I got the Rustoleum Rocksolid Home kit, to paint my tile.  It’s a gallon and a little bit goes a long way!  I still have a ton left over!

Here’s the ceramic tile. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t match the house at all. It has warm tones, but the rest of the house is all cooler toned floors.

Before any painting happened, I swept and mopped the tile so that it was fresh and clean for the paint.

I used the color “Coastal Fog”


Following the directions on the can(after I cleaned), I used a nice roller brush to paint the first coat on the tile.  It applied very smoothly, and easily stuck to the tile.


The look on the right is what it looked like dry after one coat.

The directions say to only apply a second coat if needed, but I still saw the weird pattern after the first coat. The light color was pretty, but it wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. I wanted to darken the color a little bit, so I thought I could cover up the pattern and darken it all with a second coat.

I ended up just adding some black craft paint to the can of paint to make it a little bit of a darker gray. I stirred it in until it was the shade of color that I wanted.


Once I applied the second (now darker coat), it covered perfectly! No more ugly pattern! Once that was dry, I was able to do the clear top coat.


Here’s the clear top coat!


Super easy to apply on top of the paint.  Be sure to read the directions and let it dry and set!  Then it’ll hold up and be easy to clean.

It has been a week, and the tile has held up nicely!  I love the floors, and now I want to paint all of the tile in my house!  It also pushed me to finally paint the walls and cupboards in the laundry room!  I love it in there now!


Paint is an amazing thing.


Here is the before and after!

I will be sharing soon how I painted and updated other parts of the laundry room, but for now, that’s how I updated the tile!  It was so easy, and it looks great!  What do you think about the transformation?!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Love you all!

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