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DIY Inexpensive Light Upgrade

Is your home full of these awful boob looking lights?!  I have a ton of them throughout my house, and I hate them!  So ugly!  I decided to try and change one out by myself and add something more stylish.  Well, stylish but cheap!  Here’s how I did it for less than $15!

Ugh, no joke I have like 10 of these in my house.


I have been working really hard on my laundry room! It all started with painting the tile.

I wanted one of those boho basket looking lights like this, but I didn’t want to pay for it.  I figured out a way to make my own for much less.

I bought this inexpensive pendant light.  I found an inexpensive one here for less than $10!


I found a cool looking basket for $2.99 at Goodwill!  I found similar ones here and here.


I then painted the wire part of the light, this matte white.  This paint is technically a primer, but I like the matte finish, and it goes on extremely well! It is my all time FAVORITE primer, and I use the spray and canned paint.


I had to be patient and spray paint it layer by layer, while waiting in-between coats.

Once it was dry, I was able to put it all together:

I traced the inside circle where the bulb goes, so that I didn’t cut too big of a circle in the basket.



I used my small saw to cut a tiny piece of metal that was in the middle of the basket. Then I used scissors to cut the circle that I traced.


I then put the pendant into the basket, and screwed it in with the light bulb. It stayed!


Yay! It fits!


There was any ugly boob/dome light up there before, so I took it down. (don’t forget to turn your electrical off!)
*Side note, I’m not an electrician, so take this part of the tutorial with a grain of salt. Everyone’s house/electrical is different. Hire a professional if you’re not sure!


I then rewired the pendant light.


Viola! It’s done!


Isn’t that a great boho touch?! I love the texture that it adds!


Before and after!

Can you believe how simple that is?!  Two items for less than $15, and just a little bit of creativity!  Hope you like it!  Will you make one for yourself?  Do you have those ugly boob lights too?!  Let me know, I love hearing about it!  Love you all!


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