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DIY Magnolia Wreath

Are you ready to make your own Magnolia wreath for almost nothing?!  It’s SO easy!  Here’s how I did it:

I just had a leftover box from Amazon and I flattened it. Then I traced the circle using a wreath that I already had.


Here it is!  Imperfect and all!


I gathered a bunch of leaves from our tree in the front yard. This happens to be a magnolia tree but I think that this wreath will look good with any type of leaves!  If you can’t find leaves that you like nearby, you can buy faux ones.  I found some here and here.


You’ll need quite a bit of leaves so try to cut ones that are somewhat flat and not too weirdly shaped.


Then I just glued leaves directly to the cardboard for the back of the wreath.


Then you just flip it over and glue some more!


Keep gluing!


Once I was done gluing I spray painted the wreath with a  gold glitter spray.


Here it is drying in my garage.


Here it is all done! I love how it turned out!


Here’s another one that I made for my sister and sent it to her for Christmas.

Can you believe that’s all you have to do?!  One thing I want to try is preserving the leaves with vegetable glycerin before you put them on the wreath because they will brown eventually.  I’ll update the post once I try it!

August 2018 Update: I tried the glycerin recipe and the leaves still browned!  ☹️  If you have a better and easier way to preserve leaves please let me know!

Want to see more wreaths that I’ve made?  You can find them here.

Are you going to make one?!  I’d love to see it!  Please let me know what you think and how it goes!

Love you all!

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