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Goodwill Boutique Downtown!

Spring is finally here!  I always love to shop and refresh my wardrobe when a new season comes around.  One of the coolest places to shop is the Goodwill Boutique downtown!

Here is a look at just some of the many items that I saw!

One amazing advantage to the boutiques is that all of the high end brands are already sorted for you! No need to dig around for any of it.


Cute Armani dress!


I love that purse and jacket!


Love the Fiesta dishes! They are much cheaper at the Boutique in comparison to buy them online. I need all the colors!


There are always a lot of brand new items with the tag still on them!


Who doesn’t need a Dooney and Bourke handbag?


I love Kate Spade anything!


So many cute shoes! Lots of them were new!


One of my favorite finds! Love the yellow! And the Coach purse was in such good condition!


I found so many great things!


I ended up trying on and buying these cute Everlane black jeans!


I used the Coach purse to put together one of my Goodwill spring outfits!

That is just some of what I took pictures of at the Boutique!  There are always so many gorgeous things to choose from!  There are three locations and you need to go to every single one of them!

Check out your Goodwill, or to find a location near you, visit

Love you all!