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Before Blogging Projects

I have been doing diy for about 9 years now and I wanted to show you some of the cool projects that I’ve done but don’t have detailed pictures of because I made them before I had my Serretta Style page. ┬áHere are some of them:

This was one of the longest projects that I have ever done! Painted these hideous cupboards and I love them still to this day! I have done a lot more in my kitchen that I’ll post soon!
A cute 12 year old girl traded babysitting for this desk for her room! I love! ?
This entry way table was $10 at goodwill and after scrubbing all the gunk on it, fresh paint made a big difference!
Free nightstands that I was able to make new!
Fixed up this piano bench and made it a front bench for our master bedroom.
This shelf turned hutch was on the side of the road on a sidewalk, I am so proud of this piece!
This chest had the thickest brown paint ever! I just attached little wood pieces from Micheals and painted it all white.
Painted and redid these countertops on both of my bathrooms. What do you think of that sweet burgundy that was there before I painted them? ?
After my kids ripped the covers on one of my Ikea chairs, I bought fabric that I liked and covered them. They look so much better!
$10 goodwill coffee table that I was able to sell it for $80! Isn’t that color fabulous?!
Free craigslist furniture that I redid and sold. I made over $250 on them but I wish that I would have kept them! Such beautiful pieces!
This was my very first painting project and I was terrified! $10 for both the curtains and paint. I should have gotten a picture of them actually ironed!?